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  • Development of Track Cyclist Performance Monitoring System – Ali Yeon Md Shakaff

  • Mental Toughness: Critical Reflections and Future Considerations – Daniel F. Gucciardi

  • Western or Asian? Is There a Different Approach in High Performance Sports – Derk Rietveld

  • Stochastic Resonance and their Application in Modern

    Training and Rehabilitation – Christian T. Haas, Dietmar Schmidtbleicher

  • Advanced Biomechanical Analysis of Cricket Techniques:

    Implications for Elite Athlete Training Programs – René E.D. Ferdinands

  • Global and Regional Perspective in the Fight against Doping – Gobinathan Nair

  • Tapering And Peaking For Major Events: What Tools Do We Have? – Iñigo Mujika

  • Exploring Some of the Mysteries of Football Teams’ Tactical Performance. – Jamie Sampaio

  • Hot Topics in Basketball Performance Analysis. – Jamie Sampaio

  • Disability Sports & Exercise Psychology – Jeffrey J Martin

  • Does Athletic Taping And Bracing Of The Knee Actually Do Anything Useful For Clinical And Sporting Activities? – Jim Richards

  • The Biomechanics of Sports Injuries and Prevention Strategies – Jim Richards

  • Simulation in Sports – Mark King

  • Quiet Eye Training in Sports and Other Domains – Mark Wilson

  • The Role of Willpower and Self-Control in Exercise and Physical Activity – Martin S. Hagger

  • Monitoring Training in High-Performance Athletes – Mike McGuigan

  • The Spinal Cord Injured Athlete – Nazirah Hasnan

  • Psychological Aspects of Over-Training in High Level Sport – Robert Grove

  • What It Takes To Deliver High Performance Sports Medicine in the 21st Century. – Roslyn Carbon

  • Muscle Fatigue, The Motor Cortex And Human Motoneurons – Simon Gandevia

  • The Development of Elite Cyclists; Their Physiology and Their Professionalism – Steve Stannard

  • The Story of Arthur Lydiard and The Science Behind His Success – Steve Stannard

  • Revised WADA Code 2015-Implications for ADO’s – Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. M. Jegathesan

  • The Journey to London and Beyond:Supporting the Paralympic Athlete – Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey

  • Monitoring Recovery during the In-Season Competitive Phase in Elite Soccer Players – W.Gregson


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